Fun with Computer ElectronicsBecker & Mayer Ltd.  
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What makes a computer work? How does it read a disc? How are the messages from the keyboard transmitted to the monitor? These questions and more are answered in the book and through the projects in this book. With a book, cardboard workbench, and reusable plastic box, this kit introduces 20 projects that easily demonstrate the basic concepts of what makes computers work.

Historical Signals and Semaphores: Collector's SetLynn Araujo  
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The 60 page illustrated booklet recounts the fascinating historical background of the signal flag, semaphore, phonetic alphabet, and Morse code systems featured in the deck. Packaged in a durable and attractive case, the set includes replica WWII Morse code flasher, semaphore training dial, Morse code bookmark, 2 full color posters, 5 vintage postcards, and 2 playing card decks. 108 cards, 60pp., b&w illus., pb.

Electronic Sensorslab 28-278 280-0278 RadioshackRadioshack  
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See how electronic sensors respond to light, heat, infrared light, pressure, rotation, touch and magnetic fields. Includes everything you need for over 75 projects